Leigh Ann Williams Hickey

Leigh Ann Williams Hickey is a working artist and educator who resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and two dogs. She received a BFA in printmaking from Texas Christian University in 1993, and an MFA in painting from Texas Woman’s University in 2010. She has been an art educator since 1998, and considers herself so lucky to currently be pursuing her art full time. Leigh Ann has been a part of numerous juried and group exhibitions throughout the United States. She enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures around the world.

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Masters of Fine Art

Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas

Painting major, Interdisciplinary minor, 2010

Double minor Art History, completion December 2013

Lifetime Texas Secondary Teaching Certificate

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

Post Baccalaureate Program for Teacher Certification, 1998

Intensive Studio Residency 

Vermont Studio Center 

Johnson, Vermont, January 1995 and 1996

Color Theory Workshop, Studio Residency

Hugh O’Donnell Center

Bantam, Connecticut, May 1995

Bachelor of Fine Art

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

Printmaking Major, Figurative Drawing Minor, 1993


Artist Statements

My work is a constant eb and flow of what is happening within my life. I am a very raw and emotional person and my creative expression comes in many forms and mediums. I am currently working on several bodies of work. The most current bodies of work are created out of life events I have survived and overcome. The art work created is part of my personal therapy and journey towards healing.


Decay is a body of work that started after I went through bilateral frozen shoulders and a recent shoulder reconstruction. I was in horrific pain and was in a constant drug induced haze. My only excursions out of the house were my trips to and from physical therapy 3 to 4 times a week. The highlight of my days became my chauffer driven escape to and from the torture. I became obsessed with graffiti covered train cars that lined the freeway on the15-minute drive. The trains were constantly moving and evolving in textures and colors. I began to imagine where the trains had been and who had painted them. Reflecting on the transformation these boxcars had been through resembled my tattered body which had morphed over the now 4-year time period. I am constantly taking photographs of trains, walls, doors and windows that have been battered by age and layers of paint and grime.  This series consists of small and large-scale oil paintings on wood and canvas. 


This series of landscapes was started in March 2020 and our new reality of Covid-19. I would day dream of my travels. While I paint the time seems to slowly slip away, and I am taken to my happy place. Painting heals my soul and is part of my personal therapy. These images were taken in Thailand, off the island of Koh Lipe in the strait of Malacca,  in St John US Virgin Islands and in Africa. I am revisiting all the places I have been, and the photos of captured memories. Day dreaming of a different time. This series will continue with my travel photos from around the world. 


This series of work is based off my love of animals. I am intrigued with animals; I am dog lover at heart. I enjoy painting texture and pattern, which works well for fun and skin. All of these pieces are commission works, please contact me if you would Like a quote for your fur baby.


This series of mixed media work addresses environmental and social issues. World views verses self-views that affect our world at large, and that will impact future generations to come. The concepts of overpopulation, global warming, the proliferation of guns, immigration, and other societal challenges facing the world we live in. These aerial images are of benign things that become patterns we use and find a necessity every day, yet when confronted by them in a new way it changes the way we think of them. I use facts and numbers within the image to confront the viewer with the results of societies impacts, embedding thoughts and patterns into the consciousness of viewer. 


This series of work is based on music and communicates the energy, vibration and movement within the musical experience. Music is an art form that can affect the feelings and emotions of the listener. When live music and an audience come together in a dark place filled with colored light and lyrical vibrations the crowd becomes one. The musicians exchange energy with the audience and strangers come together as a community. This body of work is records of my own personal experiences with music. The images illustrate vibrations of the cadence and the movement of captured light as it moves and repeats as patterns.The work is intended to be whimsical: yet the paintings and sculptures create a dynamic atmosphere and mood. Through color and captured light, the paintings and sculptures intend to create an aesthetically pleasing visceral experience. 

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